Through The Night

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As the dusk turns to pitch black night,
My mind runs through the unknown strife.

My heart beats faster pounding forth,
My eyes fixated to the north.

Looking through my soul’s frozen trance,
The devil’s beckoning to dance.

Allowing poisoned thoughts inside,
Become alive, at once contrived.

Darkened waste seeks to pull me down,
And wear my sorrows as their crown.

Parade my past through days of yore,
And pinch the wound back till its sore.

This conflict now has since begun,
Unraveling can’t be undone.

Demons summoned from deep below,
A crevice made not to forgo.

Not allowing for much respite,
But paralyzing venom bite.

Bloodied, bruised and battle trodden,
What gave birth, be unbegotten!

Soldiering through the windy storm,
Find comfort in a heart once torn.

The past behind, future unclear,
The present manifests no fear.

Now light of truth has come to stay,
Brightens worries of time away.

My passion in life is helping people and being true to myself. I graduated from AUS with a degree in Computer Engineering, and now I'm working in Dubai in Digital Learning & Development. I love technology, and social entrepreneurship.

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