Convince Me

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Convince me that it will all get better,
That the good guys win.

Convince me that love lasts forever,

That good can come from sin.

Convince me that the road less traveled,
Leads to what is right.

And all the dreams and things I hope for,
Will all come true one night.

That all the death and bloody carnage I see and hear right now,
Will all be for a greater good and be of worth somehow.

I convince myself that I would help, if given half a chance, 
But would that even matter when you’re killed at second glance.

I don’t know if it’s rational to stay on the safe side,
Or if it’s just my cowardice looking for a place to hide.

Life is not black and white, I tell myself each day,
But the echo of those screaming in my head won’t go away.

Convince me I am wrong and what you say is right,
Convince me and tell me one more time, so maybe I’ll sleep tonight.    

My passion in life is helping people and being true to myself. I graduated from AUS with a degree in Computer Engineering, and now I'm working in Dubai in Digital Learning & Development. I love technology, and social entrepreneurship.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Convince me that love lasts forever,
    That good can come from sin…

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