Being Willfully Ignorant

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العلم بلا عمل جنون، والعمل بغير علم لا يكون- أبو حامد الغزالي “Knowledge without action is vanity, and action without knowledge is insanity” – Al Ghazali   It’s important to always want to learn, right? But should we have a limit to the amount of knowledge we take in? We were told since we were kids to […]

My Top Ten Favorite Podcasts for 2015

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I love podcasts. For me, they provide a great source of entertainment and an awesome wealth of knowledge and new perspectives. I’d rather listen to a good podcast than watch something on TV (especially since I don’t own a TV). Part of the appeal of podcasts for me is that they can be hyper focused […]


Through The Night

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As the dusk turns to pitch black night, My mind runs through the unknown strife. My heart beats faster pounding forth, My eyes fixated to the north. Looking through my soul’s frozen trance, The devil’s beckoning to dance. Allowing poisoned thoughts inside, Become alive, at once contrived. Darkened waste seeks to pull me down, And […]


Habiba, I’ll never forget you.

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“Ahmad, is it true?!” That’s what I woke up to on Wednesday August 14th 2013. A chill ran through my spine that has yet to go away. I asked my friend what he meant, but I honestly didn’t have to. While I was waiting for him to answer, I went to Habiba’s Facebook page and […]

Convince Me

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Convince me that it will all get better, That the good guys win. Convince me that love lasts forever, That good can come from sin. Convince me that the road less traveled, Leads to what is right. And all the dreams and things I hope for, Will all come true one night. That all the […]